How your 24 hours will look like in the future with IoT: Evening to Night

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*This article looks at how your ‘smart’ day will look like in not many years from now. Morning to evening schedule is described in Article #1*

You’re heading back from office! The smart fuel tank advises iotyour smart car to stop at the next fuel station and so it does.

The smart gardening app in your phone now beeps signaling for a need of water sprinkling in your backyard home garden. You turn on the smart sprinkler which sprinkles the ideal amount of water and even in your absence, your hedge shrubbery is safely taken care of.

As you enter your gym, the exercise scheduling machine recommends you only cardio exercises today as you need to burn some more fat. It has already instructed the treadmill to identify you; as you hop on the treadmill, it recommends you 20 minutes of brisk walking and 10 minutes of running and adjusts its speed accordingly on its own. Your smart clothing would now know you’re sweating and this data will be sent to your car AC which will adjust the temperature to make you comfortable as soon as you’re back in the car.

While on your way back home, you’ve switched on your smartbelkin_wemo_photo2-100354634-large cooker & smart oven to keep your food ready before you arrive.

You reach home, meet your friend and you both plan to play on your smart gaming machine. The system allows you to make decisions in the game so that you can create your own story which will be written live as you play and printed on a smart paper scroll that will later record/read the whole story to you or your friends.

You then try experimenting with your new smart baking machine. It tells you new recipes and prepares your shopping list as per the item and quantity that you choose. It will also connect with your phone and place the order for raw materials.

Later at night when you’re watching your favorite virtual sku_389040_1reality TV series, the doorbell rings and sends a picture of the guest to your phone so you know who’s at the door. It’s your girlfriend and so you instruct the smart door to open and your girlfriend walks right in to your room.

She’s wearing smart eye lens that changes color as per her mood. The color turns green and that’s when you know it’s a green signal for you know what! 😀

As you start the foreplay, the smart light bulbs are instructed to change the color, tone, shade & intensity of light according to the moment and the integrated speakers turn on pleasant background music.

Once on the bed, the smart bed knows it’s time for sex. It starts releasing pleasurable aroma for a rewarding session!

You put on the smart condom which will start beeping if it SexItSmart_645_471comes out during intercourse! It also changes colors if you have an STD! Zero risk! 😛

After a satisfying session, while you’re playing with your smart ear buds, your girlfriend is setting commands for your smart cupboard so it understands you better and keeps your stuff neatly organized as per your needs! She also advises the smart cleaning system to take better care of you while she’s away and then sets the smart waste management system on a mode such that it sends a notification to the waste collection agency whenever it needs to be emptied. She then adjusts the settings of your new smart washing machine such that now it will place order for detergent on its own when out of it.

Meanwhile you’re talking with your smart wireless ear buds – it reminds you to make a few important calls before calling the day off. These ear buds can play the song you name by being connected to a Spotify kind of app on your phone and also measure your heart rate & steps. The ear buds will also monitor if there is anything wrong with your ears or if your ears require cleaning! 😀 The embedded biometric sensors will talk to you if there is a drop in blood pressure or if you have not walked enough steps in the day.

While you’re on some calls, your girlfriend is having fun mirror-2-e1438990257545virtually trying out different hairstyles, make-up, clothes on the digital display screen of your smart mirror. She gets scared as the mirror zooms in to an almost unnoticeable small pimple on her face and suggests what she should do about it and for a healthier skin in general.

Oozing out in love, you wish to gift something to her. Your phone already knows your girlfriend in & out. It knows she’s a great tennis player and suggests you to gift a new smart tennis racket that will connect her with other players worldwide, show her global rankings and also be her coach or tutor with swing statistics using embedded gyroscopes.

She suddenly remembers she did not feed her pet dog & 201509151139014435her plant today. Now while she’s away from her home, she tries to connect with her smart pet management system and feeds the dog while also checking its hygiene stats. From her phone, she also turns on the smart hydroponic system at her home that waters the plant for optimal growth securing a long life for her beloved plant.

She plans to stay with you overnight. As you both get on to the smart bed, you’re assured the bed will monitor your sleep and also the environment so that you can both have undisturbed and peaceful sleep. You’re a blood-pressure patient and hence your bed is also connected with your smart health monitoring app which is further connected with your family doctor’s phone; the doctor receives a notification in case your blood pressure drops critically while you’re asleep.

While asleep, smart AC will automatically maintain the perfect temperature that suits you for a serene sleep. You will also be able to preset your monthly budget and it will accordingly optimize its performance.

The whole smart market would be software & firmware driven rather than hardware oriented; more service oriented than product oriented. Imagine your refrigerator sending a notification to your phone asking if you would want to upgrade the refrigerator software version to Golem 8.0! Hardware, you could just 3D print!

(To Be Continued)

I’ll leave you with two questions till part 3 of the article is out tomorrow so you know what you can expect!2375a5771d12fba0b8ab4aaaf43b4b5a

1. How about taking this discussion a bit too far and paving a way to being cyborgs & transhumans with the help of IoT?

2. We’ve 3D printed a heart already. Do you think we can 3D print an IoT heart? (Oh! What does it even mean? Well, wait until tomorrow!)

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