How your 24 hours will look like in the future with IoT: Morning to Evening

Well, get ready to throw away all the devices that you own, if you wish to stay ‘connected’ with the technology. In a few years from today, you will be living inside a smart home, working in a smart office, driving on a smart road in a smart car, enjoying holidays in a smart hotel and sky-diving on a smart parachute (well that’s a first & that’s random too, isn’t it? But imagine talking to the parachute while descending down to the ground. You can ask the parachute to pull off some stunts for some more adrenaline rush or to take you across a trip to the Panama Islands – all this while it records 8K quality live video of your dive.)

Anyway, coming to the heart of the article, Internet of Things (IoT) in the coming few years is going to change the way you live, think, behave, travel and even die (or maybe assist in realizing Ray Kurzweil’s immortality by 2045 hypothesis)! Smart coffins, anyone? 😀

Early investments in IoT have paid off big time and we are taiot3king major leaps in connecting all the devices and creating a “Global Nervous System”. Devices will come to life, proliferate and be connected to each other while their value & capabilities grow exponentially with what is called the “network effect”.

Micro-analyzing the possibilities that we have already experimented with and the possibilities of the future, here’s how your day will look like in not many years from now.

Some of the following is just wild imagination; reader’s discretion is advised! This describes an ideal-for-IoT situation taking you on a smart ride, making you the IoT ambassador assuming you would be so smart to be possessing only smart devices, wearables & appliances!

Your phone wakes you up in the morning without you having set an iot1alarm! It is aware of your office time or meetings, it knows how much time I take to get ready and will analyze the route & traffic conditions to know the time you’d take to reach your destination. Based on all this data, it will wake you up just at the right time.

While you were sleeping, in the background your phone has also switched on the smart heater so that the water is warm when you enter the bathroom.

While you’re brushing your teeth, smart toothbrush will give live data on health condition of your teeth, gums and what kind of germs are present in your mouth, giving you live insights on what kind of food you should avoid!

You take a crap while your smart toilet seat ……. (I’d let your imagination complete this statement! Never meant to gross you out with this article, haha)

You lie down in the smart bath tub while it gives you live data on your skin!

You’re now ready to get in to your smart dress that could monitor your health data – heart rates, breathing, movement, sleep, etc. and expand while you’re exercising. It will monitor how your body behaves over time, how often & how much you perspire, how much calories/body water you lose by that and accordingly it would react to different conditions, constantly suggesting you ways to improve your health & habits.

Your smart refrigerator will pour some milk for you at the smart-fridge-hack-samsung-gmailtemperature you like while you put on your smart socks that will keep you warm and help you with speed, step counting, distance tracking and altitude measuring while trekking.

You’re ready for your smart shoes now which are equipped with motion sensors and take the shape of your feet once they’re put on.

You drink the milk while checking out on the refrigerator screen everything that it has inside. The refrigerator suggests high calorie breakfast because you exercised a lot the previous day. While you have your breakfast, it recommends the list of items you should buy today. If you approve, it will directly order the same from your favorite online grocery store.

As you’re ready to leave home, your phone has already called the elevator for you and switched on your car AC so it’s pleasant when you enter the car.

Smart security system has already locked your house for you aFemale Hands Hold A Tablet With System Clever House On The Backgnd the virtual key to the lock is embedded in your phone.

You are in your smart car now which drives itself and tunes on to your favorite radio station as soon as you enter. The smart car connects with the smart road system to know the condition, the road instructs the car about a block ahead and the car changes its route accordingly.

Now you’re at your office and the smart coffee machine has made you the perfect coffee that you desire. Your smart desk has point-wise charted out everything you need to do today at work and erases them one by one as you finish tasks.

You’re working on making an ad for your firm today, even though you h360fly_package_grandeardly know anything about directing an ad film, you’re confident about pulling it off with the new 360 degree virtual reality capturing smart camera that you purchased. It suggests to you the most suitable angles, movements and shots.

Now while at work, you’re caught off-guard by a ping from an old friend who is in town today and wants to relax at your place. You share a temporary virtual key with him which will open the door to your house for him just once within the stipulated time. You can also instruct all other devices at your home about the identity of the visitor and to take care of your friend while you’re away. Your smart security system will at once recognize him as soon as he reaches the door, it will welcome him with a custom message and inform you that he has reached safely and being entertained by the “networked” ecosystem that is your house. The refrigerator will feed him, TV will talk to him and the mat will keep him warm. Imagine you instructing from your office to the liquor cabinet to pour his favorite scotch; he’s playing with your smart mirror and suddenly the liquor cabinet speaks – “Sir, here’s Jack Daniels on the rocks for you. Enjoy, Cheers!”

(To Be Continued)

I’ll leave you with one question till part 2 of the article is out tomorrow so you know what you can expect! How do you think about ‘smart sex’ using smart gadgets? 😀

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