Mirror Mirror, On the wall; make me a reality that won’t fall!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Am I beautiful at all?”

I stood there reciting a piece from snow white’s story,

Staring at my reflection, framing the famous dialogue in a way that I wanted it to be.

My hand raised and my palm caressed my face in pity,

Touching the never disappearing flaws on me.

My eyes found a way to criticize,

As if my flaws were a crime, were a vice.


Acne pimples and dull skin tone

The voice from my past echoed, “Because of this you’ll never be liked, you’ll be forever alone.”


“Yes you are beautiful,” another voice but not from my thoughts

This voice came from the present and I seemed to recognize it

“What makes you think you are not?”

I looked around, found nobody in sight

“I am the mirror on the wall,

I am just responding to your call.”

I froze and stared at the mirror

It continued, “Remember,

You are liked and even loved with what covers your face

So why do you stare at yourself in disgrace?”


I sighed and replied, “Yea, but look at other females

In their comparison I fail,

I am not even considered as a girl you know

Either called a kid or a bro,”


“You define beauty in terms of appearance

And that is what has caused this disturbance

But even then let me remind you

Before your pitiful monologue you continue


“Remember just two days ago

Two boys asked you out-“

I interrupted, “So?”

“Let me finish,” this voice of no other

I recognized it, that voice was of my mother


“They found you interesting and charming

And no they weren’t creeps

They were genuine

And you like always were too scared to take a leap,

And I agree with the man, who told you those beautiful lines

When you were angry at him and continued to whine

You asked him, ‘What did you even see in me?’

And he replied happily,

‘People don’t get attracted to you

They directly, immediately almost instantly fall in love with you’

Of course that was to woo you

And I am glad you stood your guard

But that was a compliment true from the heart

You have been complimented for who you are

Not what you look like

Haven’t you heard multiple times guys saying, you are their type?


“You define beauty incorrectly

That definition has limited beauty made it temporary

But it is eternal,

Don’t treat it like something unreal


“You call yourself a fucked up mess

But you are an artistic mess

Didn’t the artist tell you, “Your charm is too hard to resist

And I can’t believe girls like you still exist,”


I giggled, wiped a tear, touched the cold mirror

And I asked, “Mother?”

“I am not, Miss Shaikh. I cannot state anything but a fact

That’s how you personalized my settings

I blinked in astonishment and recalled

This was the mirror I was gifted, delivered by the Samsung’s shop

The voice became automated,

“I believe I owe you an explanation,”

I came to a halt,

“You might have changed the settings when you bought me

And chose ‘normal’ as you despise technology

But due to the update, your phone calls allow me to mimic the voices

Due to the wifi I was connected to your other devices

And when you asked me that question

I ran a research and synchronised everything related to beauty in the system,

Your texts and phone calls,

Your notes and journal on the tablet, your published works and google and the…”

I prompted, “The what?”

“The recordings by your phone of the times you spoke to yourself.”


I rubbed my forehead,

Not sure if I should feel amazing about the conversation I had

Feel bliss

Or exposed at the fact, that a mirror can actually pull up a stunt like this


The mirror continued, “I am capable of doing more, but you haven’t allowed me,

I can display what looks good on you




The internal state of your body

How you will look in 10 years……”

The list went on.


I quickly said, “Okay Mirror stop.

What was that internal state of my body?

How will I look in 10 years?”


“Yes.” The mirror responded,

 Immediately an elderly version of me popped on the screen

I looked just like my mother,

I giggled and asked,

“Can you show me how my family will look like?”

“Yes,” the mirror displayed the age old statement, “loading….”

Every picture made me roll with laughter and I noticed one member was missing

“Where is my eldest brother?”

You have blocked him, stating, “Never talk to this ass.”


I laughed and said, “Okay unblock him,”

I cringed as I saw what smoking did to him


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