Musical Intelligence: Blending Technicality with the Unknown

Characterized by perception, consciousness, self-awareness, and volition, human intelligence can be defined as an intellectual capacity of a human being to learn, understand, conceive, and implement. Based on thoughts and experiences, humans develop their intelligence and use the same as a key element in decision-making, problem-solving and in many other …

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Marina Abramovic: The Artist as a Medium

Art is beautiful. Artists must be beautiful. What you’re reading isn’t a wisecrack by a well established smartass artist, but a slogan performance artist Marina Abramovic repeats all the while brushing her hair vehemently (rooting out almost a thousand hair follicles in the process) for a period of 60 minutes. …

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Carolee Schneemann: Art and Taboo

“Art should comfort the disturbed  and disturb the comfortable.” A lot of artists these days attempt to push the limits and contort the very definitions of art. Picture this, you are an art critc in the early 70’s. You have decided to attend a performance art piece by a woman …

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