5 Killer Places in Kolkata to eat under Rs.100: Part 1

Nafeel, Park Circus

You will hear most in Kolkata raving about Zeeshan at Park Circus, but tucked away in that very same lane, is one of the most amazing beef biryani and kabab joint you will find in the city. With succulent chunks of the holy meat, the rice is cooked to a divine perfection and aroma – and the very thought induces me to kneel down in reverence. With 100 bucks in your pocket, you can have a blast at this place. Do also try out the Beef Tikiya for 9 rupees and be prepared to have a mind totally blown apart from the oily happiness.










Denzong Kitchen, Golf Green

Hidden inside a bylane of the city, this place serves pure goodness shaped into momos. Arguably the most popular student joint of the city, the food gets over within 4 hours of opening time, and this place is one of the first proponents of Tibetan food in Kolkata. Their momos come with extra taste and is served with the classic tomato-chilli-sesame sauce – this sauce is unique and hardly found at other Kolkata joints. Their Shyaphaley and Shyaptaar equally delicious and the Gyathookis excellent, even a little smelly i.e. flavorful – just like it’s supposed to be. A pilgrimage for a foodie. 100 bucks is actually too much here.











Kalika, College Square

A trip to Kolkata is simply not fulfilled unless you have the ubiquitous fish fries, mocha (banana flower) chops and mutton cutlets. And Kalika has been satiating those taste buds since ages. The most striking fact about this roadside place is that the era of inflation has not even touched it – and till this day, with 100 bucks in your pocket, you can sample almost all the best sellers on the menu. It serves 11 items in total, which amounts to 190 bucks, and if there are a couple of you, you can actually sample the entire menu for 95 bucks each! What’s more amazing is that the quality is top-notch and the fries are tasty as hell, so you’d actually be wondering if it’s a dream once you are done polishing off the last morsels!







Mrityunjoy Ghosh and Sons, Lansdowne

The legendary winter destination for Fulkopir Singara (cauliflower samosas), this roadside joint is iconic and quality, rolled into one. Their Radhaballavis (stuffed puris) with Aloo Dum and ChholarDaal is a super hit and so is its RoshomundirPayesh (kheer made with jaggery and small rasgullas). Their sweets are also very good, especially the Chumchum. And it goes without saying, this is another of those places where your stomach will be bursting at the seams before you have managed to spend 100 bucks. Quintessentially Bengali and just too good to be believed.









Anadi Cabin, Esplanade

Situated at the heart of Kolkata, this is one of the ‘cabin’-s of old Kolkata, where politics and football were discussed over a cup of tea andMoghlaiParatha (Baida Roti or Mutabbaq). The signature MoghlaiParatha is served with a dry aloosubzi and salad, and a quarter plate of Mutton Kosha is just the perfect accompaniment you can order. The two dishes will cost you a total of Rs. 92, and for that price it is an offer you cannot refuse. Throw the cuppa in, and for 100 bucks you will have a meal that you wouldn’t forget anytime soon. Ask any Bengali and he will vouch for it.



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