An Ode to Politics



Politics, ah! It definitely isn’t my cup of teapolitics
But I am astonished at the factual reality
It isn’t just the law of nation that the man has made, to establish his rule
But he predicts the law of nature like a fool

Those who base their beliefs
Just on what one man perceives
Are nothing but followers
Of the ‘so-called’ leaders


You point fingers and blame the governmentfingure crossed
That you so proudly appointed
Then talk about not having an option
Even when history carries with it the tales of rebellion

Complain so loudly that even the sky bursts into tears of frustration
Adjust so much that even the earth erupts, tired of carrying hypocritical burdens
We have justified reasons to forget that others are humans
Various forms of hypocrisy divided into nations


Even when the land is one
The planet revolves around the same sunno rules
Yet the concept of inferior and superior
Better and bitter
Even the marking on the stone fades
So in comparison what’s the position of the rules we made?


What if I take you to a trip of a world,
Where there’s no submission to the herd
Where there are no forced norms
Where we are exploring nature in its purest form

You have forgotten the possibilities
Tangled in philosophies
But I dream of a world.

Where there are no standardsUniverse damaged
No unspoken laws
Or living for a cause

Where domination doesn’t exist
And where I don’t resist
From breaking a fragile rule
Where having an opinion isn’t an invitation for a duel

Where I am not killed for speaking the truth
Where there is a discussion and not an egoistic dispute
Some might call my dream, paradise
But I think the word “dream” will suffice
Because I want to live in the unpredictable wildness of nature
Even though uncertainty frightens me, having no predicted consequences makes me feel this is better

All I crave for is a transparent reality
I don’t want to be free
I just want to ‘be’
Uninfluenced, true and pure, ‘me’



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