What would happen if you isolated yourself from other humans?

What would happen if we stopped interacting with our fellow human beings? What would the cost of social isolation be? 

                                                                                                                   – Ashwin Ramesh

To answer this question, we first need to know how truly isolated we are from each other in modern society. For instance, with the advent of all kinds of advances in technology and communication, the amount of time we spend fiddling with our virtual realities is much more than we spend with actually trying to connect (rather reconnect) with our fellow human beings. The amount of time we spend staring into the screens of our laptops and our smartphones is much more than the time we actually spend in trying to understand and place ourselves in the shoes of our fellow human beings. Pure and unwavering empathy has been replaced by a sense of intense selfishness that transcends the boundaries of human contact and understanding. We feel that by texting each other and using social media networks, we are somehow becoming closer to one another, but the very essential aspect of pure human interaction has been subdued in a society obsessed with constant stimulation.


Ours may be a generation of advancement and technological prowess, but it is also one of the most confined and narrow-minded generation of individuals who have lived on the planet. Amidst our intense longing to rape the world and build our machines and our cities at the expense of pure, unhindered nature; we have succeeded in destroying a very important aspect of what made us humans. If we just take out time and observe the world we live in, we come to see how far we actually are from being true to ourselves and being one with nature. We have ignored the bounty of nature and have fallen prey to the obsession of our own creations. We have successfully ensured that we build and pour our own egoistic desires onto the planet like a plague while choosing to ignore the very essence of “living in harmony” with nature. 

So, how does our increasing degree of social interaction correlate to our increasingly selfish attitude towards nature? It is true when they say: “As Above, So Below”, especially when we correlate our inner world with the external world. The increasing social isolation that we see in today’s world is a direct reflection of our being more inclined towards self-identity and egoistic feeding, rather than to acknowledge the essence of nature and be close to it. This egoistic nature of ours is what has caused a completely indifferent attitude towards nature, which in turn is reflected on a smaller scale in the way we treat our fellow humans, with negligence and contempt.

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