Unconventional Foods #5: The Unlikely Couple

Food and love, according to me, are the reasons keeping the human existence intact as well as the stars in their position. Being a glutton to the core, food has always been an issue of undying interest to me.

Even though this interest of mine often makes me a butt of ridicule among my friends, especially due to the fact that the quantity of my food intake is in huge contrast with my skinny self. I am accused of eating like a retarded dinosaur and looking like a dieting model at the same time. Well, let’s not delve into the story of my life and spring back to the topic. I’d always heard and had strawberry pancakes, strawberry pastries, drinks and so on until once I had the resplendent delight of tasting the perfect union of strawberry and chicken.

Strawberry Balsamic Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas 500 2503

The ingredients, which could never have been thought of an existing couple, seemed to come together in a ‘made for each other’ way in that dish. Food, undoubtedly is the language of love, especially amongst misfits like the strawberry and chicken. That would be as awkward a culinary situation as proposing to your crush in the middle of a stage with a huge audience. But the dish was so beautiful and intricately palatable that it could cure even the most embarrassing and awkward culinary situations.

Last month I visitedĀ one of the newly popped up restaurants in town. Going through the menu, I saw something bizarrely fantastic. Strawberry Balsamic Chicken. Like really? I didn’t take a minute to order it and to my unexpected surprise the dish was utterly delicious.

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In my ecstasy, I retaliated when the waiter turned up, as I ended up asking-

“Did you people prepare this because you knew I was coming? “

Well, he had an expression which I wouldn’t like to recall. Nevertheless, it was worth it.

I even tried to emulate the recipe in my kitchen but, let’s not indulge into knowing the details. But on a serious note, I learnt that unconventional ways of cooking can really enhance one’s culinary tones and be a treat for the foodies at the same time.

So all I learnt is that we should not fear to step out. We should abnegate the usual and explore new ideas of cooking. Experiment with ingredients and invent our own recipes.

Because anything we put our heart into can never be wasteful and food can never be less exciting.

Unconventional is in, folks!

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