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Musical Intelligence: Blending Technicality with the Unknown

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Characterized by perception, consciousness, self-awareness, and volition, human intelligence can be defined as an intellectual capacity of a human being to learn, understand, conceive, and implement. Based on thoughts and experiences, humans develop their intelligence and use the same as a key element in decision-making, problem-solving and in many other …

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Parallel Universes: Inside the Corridor of Dreams


When I say the words “Parallel Universes,” the first thing that comes to your mind must be the intricate workings of quantum physics, scientists haggling over equations that are pages long, or maybe even something like a pseudoscientist or conspiracy theorist being laughed at in a conference. Well, what if …

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My Musical Journey: Four Ways Music Changed My Life

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There was a time when nothing was going right in my life. Family, friends, love, relationships… Either they were out of reach or they were too superficial for me to bask in the ecstatic joy that should be characteristic of every relationship. I joined my Hindustani music class just to …

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Demons: A Tale of Musical Melancholy and Frailty


Whenever I listen to a song, I can’t help but see images, words and even complete stories forming in my mind’s eye; essentially guided by the lyrics taking up the reins of an esoteric narrative, while the music acts as the much-needed web of intricacy which the narrative is built …

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Are DJs Musicians?: Is Electronic Music Actually “Music”?


Through this article, I’ll be resurrecting a debate that has been going on for a while, on music forums, Youtube comments and all over the place since the start of the ever-flowing transformation of the music industry. This debate stems from a belief that music is restricted to real instruments …

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The Music of Nature: A Perpetual Performance

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Music, in general, is defined as the art of combining vocal and instrumental sounds (sometimes just one of them) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. But the more we explore about music, just then we would realize that it is not only a rhythm, a melody …

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4 OSTs that redefined the gaming experience


If you are a gamer you probably have been exposed to some really crazy pieces of music which you probably missed amongst the action and the adrenaline rushes. On the other hand, the songs that we come across in games add to the feel of it and are actually tailored …

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