I believe some things cannot be known. I also believe that imagination that is conditioned isn't imagination at all. You cannot receive it. It streams through you into your work. Creative things I don't do; they are done through me. It is my escape. I love people and communication. Welcome to the world, reader!

The Levels Theory

Statements There are infinite levels in every sphere of individual existence. The way is to identify them and cd .. from a level when the need for clarity arises. To level down must be by choice. Theory DISCLAIMER: This world model is based heavily on the Special Theory of Relativity. …

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On Method

“No, buddy, don’t do it that way.” “But it’s more sense like this! Why not?” “Because it is the wrong way.” “Says who?” “Have you seen anybody do it this way before, ever?” “No. But why should that matter?” “It is not practiced that way. That shows it; that there …

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Death of Time

  This is the story of a man whose life was a miserable journey full of hardships. Nevertheless, he did not let any of it cloud his mind. He chose to live inside. “The fruit must be sweet” he used to say. All was going well. Then happened a night. …

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