The Solar Revolution: What’s the next step?

When you see the greater good and are ready to do something to achieve that greater good, you have won half the battle of life. Most people are usually stuck between the aspect of working for themselves and never quite get to the concept of a greater good.

Last Sunday, Agora 3.0 saw the communion of people from all walks of life, for the greater good of realizing the potential of solar energy. The event was an opportunity for us to ensure that we do our part in the solar revolution that the world is heading towards.

Among the three panelists and the host, the question was asked as to what bigger vision do they see for the community and how The Holy Cup and Agora can be used as platforms to realize this bigger vision.

Each of the panelists had the following to say:


To start with, Sanjay Shah director of Abellon CleanEnergy ( was of the opinion that awareness about solar energy is the need of the hour and that The Holy Cup can be a perfect medium to spread this awareness to people belonging to various walks of life.  Mr. Sanjay also wanted THC as a platform to extend to school/colleges, offices, hospitals and other public places where individuals could be provided a place to share their views as well as inform people about the solar revolution so that they can start using this technology and play their part in helping to build a greener planet. THC Labs as a community has the biggest benefit of the social media, which can be used to spread the information about the cause and reach out to a larger base of viewers, not unlike the viral cat videos that are so popular today.

Agreeing with Mr. Sanjay Shah and taking the mettle forward was Mr. Karan Dangayach, the managing director of Shashwat Cleantech ( He said that The Holy Cup could be used as an essential place to reach out to the youth and help them comprehend the importance of this solar revolution, through both online media as well as offline events like Agora, where they can feel like a part of a larger community as a larger cause. These events and online campaigns could help in dissipating the doubts about solar energy and hence, help in a greater comprehension of the importance of the same.  Moreover, Mr. Karan also emphasized the importance of ensuring that the awareness of farmers is also given enough importance, as the installation of solar pumps and other technologies related to solar power can be encouraged to a greater extent.

The host of the event Dr. Harinayan of GERMI or Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute said that The Holy Cup can be used to understand and also spread awareness about lesser known sources of energy, such as geothermal, tidal, hydroelectric and so on, as the future of the world inevitably depends on these.

Inadvertently, the stage has been set for the revolution towards solar energy to begin. The way we use this platform could very well decide the role that we as individuals play in contributing towards the cause.

When it comes down to each one us, what would you choose your higher purpose to be? How would you like to use this platform as well as the THC community to help realize your higher purpose and start working towards it?

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