Can we tune into the frequency at which Earth vibrates?

At what frequency does the Earth vibrate? Can we somehow tune into this frequency and be one with the vibrational frequency of the Earth?

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The only way to truly understand the reality around us is to ascend into the realm of vibrations and frequencies. If we go deep into the building blocks of life, the atoms, we see that other than a negligible solid space known as the nucleus, the rest of the atom is made of empty space consisting of vibrating electrons which have their own frequencies. The inherent frequencies of all the combined vibrations of the atoms in an organism determine the frequency of that particular organism. Similarly, each and every organism, as well as each inanimate object in the cosmos, vibrates at a particular frequency. We are inherently different frequencies which combine together to form the cosmic orchestra. We are all, in a way, cosmic songs being played out in unique signatures and vibrations.

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The frequency at which the Earth vibrates is known as the Schumann frequency or Schumann resonance. This frequency is said to be at around 8 hertz, which is also the inherent frequency at which the alpha waves in our brain vibrate at. These alpha waves are inherently associated with a state of relaxation which borders at the meditative state of our body. This frequency acts as a door to the unexplored sea of creativity within us, which we can tap into by exploring higher states of awareness and consciousness. This state of relaxation which acts as the door to the hidden realms of inner understanding can be felt when one disconnects from the everyday bustle of city life and experiences the serenity of nature. Recollect the times when you spent lying on the grass in the middle of a clearing in a forest, or when you listened to the silent tranquility of a gushing stream in the middle of the forest; at these times you are more attuned to the frequency of nature. 


The frequency of 432 Hz is said to be synonymous with the frequency of Earth as it is this frequency which resonates with the Schumann frequency. Music can also be used as an integral tool to tap into this magical frequency, with more and more artists resorting to making music in the 432 Hz frequency, in order to resonate with the frequency of nature. On the other hand, most of the music of today is at 440 Hz, which essentially takes the listener away from the most suitable frequency at which we vibrate freely. By spending more time dedicated to connecting with nature and transforming negative and lower frequencies into the higher ones in order to connect with the inherent frequency of nature through practices like meditation, we can soon start to tap in the vibration of the Earth and ensure ascension into higher vibrations.

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