Game of Drones: S02 E02- The Watchers in the Sky

A few days ago, I found myself at the reception of my Boss’s wedding. As I was hanging around the festivities, something instantly garnered my attention. The camera man who was hired to shoot the wedding did not have a camera with him and was in effect holding a remote control with him. The remote was used for operating a drone that would actually take a video of the reception. These kinds of drones have the immense potential to fly to any height and carry a recording device so as to capture reality from any angle or elevation.


This made me think to myself and I activated my analyzing button in my head in order to go deeper into the infinite possibilities that this opens up. I instantly found myself drifting into an alternate reality inside my head as I sat on a boat with my love in the middle of a crystal clear lake surrounded by poplar trees and majestic mountains. As I leant in to kiss my better half on the boat, we were obstructed by a remote control. This remote suddenly alerted me to the ever-complacent watcher above our heads, hovering in mid-air in a calm and composed demeanour. As soon as I pressed a button on the remote control, the drone started recording a video and hovered around us, capturing our eternal moment in a beautiful way, while we enjoyed each other’s company in nature. This daydream further propelled me to think of the immense possibilities that would open up if we put these creatures of metal and wires to explore more dimensions of utilization.

Tripped Out Fact: There just might be a new favorite word amongst selfie-freaks in the near future when drones would be employed for the same. This word would be “dronie“, which would essentially indicate a selfie taken by a drone!

This had me thinking that we should, in fact, welcome drones in our routine life as well as in our world which is constantly moving towards a technological revolution. It will indicate a major change as it would make our lives quite interesting as well as convenient. Whenever the scenario for discussing technical changes comes into the picture, the first thing we need to do is to explore the inherent convenience that the technology would bring as well as the immense avenues of exploration which it would open up.


The day is not far when drones would actually constitute a large part in our society, maybe becoming as prominent in utilization as smartphones. Other than only using drones in the place of selfie-sticks, they can be employed for more innovative and efficient purposes. For instance, drones could also be equipped with projectors so as to transfer information in the form of visual impulses across distances. Imagine the day when a drone is uploaded with visual data worth the educational equivalent of K12 segments and is sent to villages where the concept of education appears quite bleak. By using a white sheet as a screen, drones can be the harbingers of information for the children in villages, thereby acting as bridges between educators and people who are desperately in need of the same.

These drones can also be employed for essential purposes ranging from monitoring traffic in metropolitan cities to actual rescue and rehabilitation work, much of which is already being experimented with. The biggest advantage that drones would offer us is that they would be able to give us an elevated perspective on every situation owing to their innate potential to obtain information from any height possible. These drones can offer a bird’s eye view of a city’s road system and can actually be used by the traffic department for aspects such as clearing out lanes for ambulances to arrive or to ensure that the flow of traffic occurs in a smooth and calculated way.


Moreover, drones can be effective substitutes for police personnel in a country where security measures are essentially suffering in layman terms. According to statistics, 47,000 police personnel are deployed to protect 14,842 people of higher protection status (namely VIPs like ministers, MLAs and other elites). What if we can replace half of security police with security drones? What if we place one drone for every 1000 security personnel in the locality or according to the number of residents present in a society. What if we develop drone security applications on android and IOS for women safety? Imagine being able to trace and communicate with the nearest drone on patrolling duty (kind of like the OLA cab or UBER app which shows you the location of nearby taxis) in times of emergency, whereby the drone will instantly fly over, send your location to the nearest authority outpost or establishment, and maybe even try to assist the individual directly in the emergency. For instance, drones could actually taze or pepper-spray oppressors during emergency situations like the possibility of rape or assault. These drones would also blur the line between reality and fiction as seen in movies like “Minority Report”, where drones can be used like the “Spyders” as they are sent into settlements and suspected hideouts in order to locate a suspected terrorist.

Another essential aspect related to the use of drones can be borrowed from the movie “Prometheus”, where small ball-shaped drones are sent into an unknown alien monument where they scan the entire structure as well as the architecture, thus digitally mapping the structure and highlighting areas of interest. For instance, drones could be used in the restoration of ancient architectural structures as well as heritage sites, whereby the drones could locate and digital map areas which require heavy restoration inside monuments. Drones could also be used in the process of rescue and rehabilitation, where they can be used to supply necessary items like food, clothes, and medicines to affected places where natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and tsunamis have occurred. These drones could also be used to investigate fallen buildings as well as piles of debris in order to locate survivors. In other words, drones can be equipped with any kind of digital mapping, monitoring or capturing equipment and can hence be used in a variety of applications, especially due to the immense versatility and agility that these machines provide us with.

One realization that we always come to is that every coin has two sides. There are some negative points also behind this phenomenal change that we should keep in mind. Self-operating drones are machines like other machines, so they can be hacked into at any time. Other than the degree of importance that has to be attributed to their maintenance and the constant need to be updated, these instruments of innovation can be used to commit severe crimes. For instance, imagine a scenario where a drone in charge of traffic is hacked into and is essentially used to spread chaos in the streets of the city.

In the end, it all falls on us how we would wield this immense piece of innovation and engineering. Like every single incident in history has taught us, we can use it in a way that promotes constant change in a positive direction, or we can essentially use it to destroy ourselves and get involved in prolonging our descent into darkness. Either way, one thing is for certain; these drones will mark a substantial change in the way we interact with the world around us.

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