Hiral Sanghvi: Baubax, The World’s Only Travel Jacket-Backpack Combo

We love to travel light, but every time we need to squeeze our stuff in the backpack. It’s rough but well we have no option.

Think again?


Because, no is not an option now.

Mr Hiral Sanghvi has designed a jacket that can actually carry half of your stuff in its pockets. Do not believe us?

BauBax is the world’s best travel jacket with 15 distinctive features for everything a traveller needs. BauBax is currently the 8th most funded Kickstarter campaign of all-time, having raised more than $10,274,000. BauBax has broken all crowdfunding travel and clothing records as consumers around the world choose the one-of-its-kind jacket as their solution to their travel frustrations. It now sits among the top-10 of all-time most funded crowdfunding projects and is also the 4th most funded Kickstarter campaign of all-time.BauBaxCallOutWithImages

“My primary motivation for creating BauBax was to solve all of the problems and frustrations that most of us face during travel. I was doing long weekly airline commutes from Chicago (where I was completing my MBA at the Kellogg School of Management) to see my wife in San Francisco, California. These are often 8-hour or longer flights with layovers. We set out to solve the entire range of problems that travellers encounter by designing travel jackets, blazers, bombers and hoodies/sweatshirts with everything a traveller wants and needs. “The Swiss Army Knife of travel jackets” is a nice way to describe it” elaborated Mr Sanghvi.

Mr Sanghvi credited his wife Mrs Shah for the great design of BauBax jackets. He asserted “I’m a serial entrepreneur and this product was a perfect fit because everyone who travels can use this and my wife Yoganshi Shah is an expert User Experience Designer based in Silicon Valley. Yoganshi is a professional ergonomic design expert with a knack for making products, processes, and interfaces simpler and visually appealing… so this was a great fit for both of us to work on BauBax together.”


BauBax’s popularity is due in large part to its 15 unique features that include: a built-in and instantly inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, and tech pockets of all sizes, a drink pocket, and gloves, a zipper with a pen and stylus and more.

It’s available in multiple colours and comfortable styles (sweatshirt/hoodie, windbreaker, bomber jacket and wrinkle free blazer with removable hood). With such an innovative product at hand, BauBax wants to reach each and every traveller in the world who has ever had a tough time getting comfortable and had trouble sleeping while travelling.

However with great products come great challenges too. Sanghvi discussed “We have done a lot of pre-planning and things are unfolding according to plan. So far the biggest challenge is pacing us. Because of the popularity of BauBax we are getting a lot of interviews, appearances and sponsorship requests so we are working on managing the demands so that we can keep 100% of our focus on delivering our high-quality jackets to our pre-order customers in a timely fashion.”

However, the team is quite optimistic that they will clear these challenges easily to become a market leader in travel apparel and wearable.  Our BauBax Travel Jacket is the first of many products BauBax will be releasing in the wearable tech fashion marketplace.

Sanghvi concluded that the amazingly positive feedback they receive from consumers motivates the whole team. Customers thank them for bringing this product to market – a product designed to make their travel easier and smoother – this is very rewarding to be able to help people have a better travel experience.

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