3 Potent Legal Highs that can make you go bonkers!

With the war on drugs and all, there is an immense race to ban all addictive and psychotropic substances. This has caused government officials to try to seduce the public, through both violence and through colorful prescription pills. The war on exploration of different states of mind has been started and is raging on, but there have been a few exceptions that have survived the wrath of propaganda. And exceptions, they are! Some of these substances are much more potent than those which are dreaded in society, even though the potency of the same can be interpreted both positively as well as negatively.

Salvia Divinorum

Most of you may have had the experience of smoking a cigarette, or hitting a bong. It is quite a mundane process in itself, even though it does result in a change of mental state. But, imagine having a bong hit or a cigarette drag and finding yourself among glittering walls and domes of geometric patterns, surrounded by weird and beautiful beings that look at you with intense yet intriguing glances. This is what Salvia divinorum can do to you. Also known as the Diviner’s Sage, it is a plant that can transport you to visionary realms and put your vulnerable self in front of different entities and beings. How can something that is so powerful and intensely intimate be legal and free for anyone to buy, especially in a world that is plagued with laws and norms that are designed to obstruct and fill our path to exploration with hurdles and obstacles?


According to the laws regarding psychoactive substances, the molecule that is responsible for Salvia’s high somehow passes through the loopholes in the system. The molecule which is responsible for the high of Salvia is known as Salvinorin A. Firstly, it is not an addictive substance, and according to the experiences of users, it has negligible impact on health. According to the chemical structure, as well as the overall physiological, molecular and even psychological effects of the plant, Salvia is not classified under the Schedule 1 class of drugs.

Spice: Synthetic Marijuana

The major corporations and companies in the world have one aspect ingrained into their ideologies. This is the age-old practice of hypocrisy. It is a common disease seen in all government bodies as well, which has resulted in them making some really funny decisions. One of these funny decisions involves the illegalization of marijuana on one hand, and the commercialization of synthetic marijuana. In this case, synthetic marijuana, or spice as it is usually called, is a chemically created substance that has been gaining considerable attention in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States.


Synthetic marijuana is created from a mixture of herbs and plants, which are then sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids that are artificially created in the laboratory. These chemicals have similar compositions as the cannabinoids found within the marijuana plant, but have considerably varying effects on the brain receptors. The constituents found within the conglomerate of chemicals within synthetic marijuana attach themselves on to the same receptors as natural cannabinoids and endocannabinoids do, which results in effects that are similar in nature to those of cannabinoids themselves.  However, these are almost 100 times stronger than natural cannabinoids and can cause severe side effects such as increased blood pressure, intense hallucinations, paranoia, intense anxiety, bouts of heavy vomiting, and in the most potent cases, even death.

So, how is this substance legal, you may ask? Well, keep wondering.

Ritualistic Drumming

This is another practice which is much more powerful than it sounds (pun intended). The drumming rituals performed by the shamans of the Amazon and even in drum circles in cities and other places, have a considerable impact on the way in which the brain functions. The “high” induced by these drum circles have an immense effect on the physiology as well as the psychology of the individuals who participate in the same. These rituals have the power to change the connections in your brain and to alter the physical neuronal causeways themselves that give rise to the impulsive euphoria that we as humans are hard-wired to feel through our lives. The immense impact that these rituals have is comparable to other psychedelic substances, where they can take you to various dimensions and realms which are not accessible through normal consciousness.


This type of drumming is used for ceremonies as well, where drum circles are used to induce trances and increase the degree of connection amongst the people who are participating in the ritual. It can also help us get in touch with the natural rhythms of life, through authentic resonance patterns which are formed between the participant and his/her surroundings. It also helps in aligning both the right and the left hemispheres of the brain by creating a synchronous movement of impulses between the different areas of the brain. These can be some really potent experiences and can cause all kinds of psychological and physiological alterations in the individual who is partaking in the ritual as a whole.

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