Through the Fire: The Week Ahead

There are always instances in our lives where our journey is overshadowed with obstacles which just seem too difficult for us to surpass, kind of like that huge traffic jam on the highway when you have just ten minutes to get to a Megadeth concert. Well, we can sympathize with ourselves as much as we want, wallowing in self-pity and reassuring ourselves by throwing all our problems and obstacles into a carry bag called “fate”. But, this is the easier and frankly speaking, a much more boring option to take in your life.

What if I told you the stories of some women who used their obstacles and their problems as “tools” to sculpt their own journey through thick and thin. Once you read their stories, you will find that most of you have it quite easy. This series is a reminder for us to kick back our laziness, self-doubt and loathing to trigger our launch into the realm of opportunity.

We would be using the stories of these women entrepreneurs and their tales of struggle, brilliance, perseverance and passion to help you in making your way through difficulties on the road to realizing your own passion. Their stories will act as a guide that would provide you a comprehensive framework on how to deal with the troubles that your own start-up may be facing.

Here are the chapters that will be a part of this journey into the realm of opportunity:

Backgrounds: How big a role does your past play in shaping your future? How much does family matter on this arduous journey?

Objectives: Just how important is it to have a clear vision and passion on which you will be basing your whole start-up?

Beginnings: How do you take the first steps towards the Kingdom of Start-Up Heaven; will it be through the valley of death or through the mountains of light?

Moments of Eureka: How much do breakthroughs actually matter, and how intensely can they be channelized?

Struggles: How would you treat mistakes and obstacles; would you freak out at their sight or would you wield them as your weapons in the long run?

Personal Life and your Enterprise: How much are your personal struggles and achievements intertwined with the growth of your start-up?

Bigger Vision: How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go to enhance your vision into something truly beyond the standards of “ordinary”.

Come with us on this beautiful journey, there will be ups and downs, there will be intense discussions and there will be moments of awe, there will be pressure and there will be pain; but, the only thing that counts is to keep moving forward using the fuel of passion and a sense of adventure.

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