Harry Potter and the Little Girl: J.K. Rowling Tribute

On the occasion of J.K. Rowling’s birthday, here is a poem about how Harry Potter series influenced my life and changed me from being a fearful, lonesome introvert who was too scared to share her thoughts and ideas to a confident person who was able to write her own story and stand for what she deemed right. Here is a small poetic tribute to the author who helped me embrace my own frowned upon peculiarity. 

J.K Rowling Tribute

A little child,

Tall and skinny,

With a wandering mind,

Peculiar tastes.

Things she said,

Often one of a kind

Her comrades would stare

Wonderment in their eyes

While she was friendly to all

Had no friends by the fall.

Strange analogies she carried

Comparing herself to a cactus

Her loneliness caused by the thorns –

Her peculiar ideas.

‘Why am I so different?’

She wondered.

‘Why am I not in a group?’

‘Why don’t they call me a pal?’

Her questions left unanswered

She tried imitating them

But her mind whispered,

‘Is that metamorphosis supposed to be?

Making you blend in the background

For no one to see?’

She then met a boy,

Short and skinny,

With knobbly knees,

Round glasses

And no friends

Bullied was he,

And so was she.

Then he was taken to a world,

Grand and beyond

Great castle

Filled with magic to behold.

With him, the giant whisked the girl, too,

There she met another two

One with flaming red hair

Another with bushy brown and buckteeth

The latter often reminding her

Of her own nerdy ways

And on an adventure they embarked from Kings’ Cross.

The Pillars of Magic


She learned magic

But soon found herself,

And was cast aside again.

Trusted, deemed a hero

Mistrusted and claimed a villain,

She learned of society,

Changed opinions: frail and futile,

Vague and Oft-Changing;

She heard the wise old Professor say,

“If you’re looking for a universal approval,

Long in this room you’re going to stay.”

But, the more she grew,

Grew to love herself,

And the flaws that she possessed,

Grew to love her peculiarity,

That she had once compared to thorns;

She learned that

Sometimes great ideas

Are often deemed deranged

And to achieve something

You need to stop blending

Step out of the bandwagon

And love your uniqueness.


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