Angry Birds: My Perspective

Angry Birds is the story of a bird village on an island filled with happy flightless birds. They have a protector called The Mighty Eagle that whom they doubt to be imaginary. As all they know about him is that he lives up in the tallest mountain beside the wisdom lake.

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So, in general, all the birds in the village are jubilant save for Red.

Red is an orphan who often ends up in a fix because of his anger issues. On being sent to an anger management class, he meets birds of the same feathers (pun intended) called Terrance. Along with being angry, Terrance is huge, a contrast to Red’s little frame. Then there’s Chuck tiny yellow mischievous with super speed. While, Bomb is bulky and bursts upon emotional outbursts.

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While all the birds think there is nothing beyond their island, they get introduced to the uninvited guests who claim to be peaceful explorers with intentions of extending a friendly hand. They attract the whole village with their advancement in technology. Except for Red, everyone loves the new “friends” and their gifts. Red discovers the troubles they are intending for the innocent birds but fails to convince the village. He along with his friends, Chuck and Bomb decide to take matters in their hands and find the mighty eagle to seek his help.

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Alas, the eagle is not interested in helping them, and their trip goes in vain. The Mighty Eagle only wants to flaunt the stardom he possesses and marvel in his comfortable life.

Red decides to save his fellow birds himself, but he was too late. The pigs sail away with all the eggs in the village while the birds are busy enjoying at a rave party.

When all the birds realize that Red was right all along, they are clueless as to what to do. Red takes up the leadership and gathers all the birds, motivates them to fight back and sets sail to collect back all the eggs. He risks his life and returns victorious, teaching the king of pigs a good lesson.

What do I see in the movie?

Red is a frustrated, lonely youngster grown up all by himself. He is alone because he doesn’t know how to get along with others for he has been alone all his life. Though he lives far away from the village and chooses not to mingle with anyone he enjoys looking at happy faces and happy families while he passes through the village.

He is angered quickly, but reasoning precedes his anger. He means no harm to anyone unless he is disturbed. He seems to be an irresponsible, careless, aimless, angry young man while in real he is a lonely, responsible, empathetic, little bird.

He cares for his village as much as any other bird probably more. He always focuses reality, however pleasing the dream world might seem.

While all of the villagers blame and banish him, he still tries to fight for them and make sure of their well-being. He takes the responsibility of the village and doesn’t give up on his mission to find out the truth.

He motivates the entire community when they almost give up. He proves that anger is also an emotion that is as important as any other. He brings out the hidden anger in every little bird.

He ignites the spark within them and builds an army of angry birds. He attacks the pigs’ land and fights for what is right.


While the world focuses on his anger, he possesses intelligence, too. He proves this in this planned attack and escapade from king pig. He chooses to risk his life but not to leave behind even a single egg for the happiness of a single family is equally important.

He never expects anything in return from them. He doesn’t make a fuss of how the mighty eagle gets credit for saving the eggs.

All that mattered to him was the acceptance he got from his people and that the families were back together. He gives up on his lonely life and builds a family with his friends; Chuck, and Bomb who were by his side all the while.

In the end, it wasn’t anger management that helped Red; it was people management, friends and family.

No one is unfit to be in society. It’s just that everyone is different, and a few are more different than others. Acceptance can bring out the best of people. Making someone feel important can make magic happen.

Introverts feel insignificant. Don’t give them attention, give them importance.

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