Star Trip #3: Rebirth of a star; resurgence of the information!

For Stars, there is life after death.

For Cosmos, there is a constant drift towards ‘Information Complexity’.

The soul of the star hangs around the white dwarf remnant of star rebirththe star in the form of a gas cloud. This would eventually become a stellar nursery which would produce a new generation or batch of stars. This new generation stars that would be produced by the remnants of the Sun would already have the information of the Sun as well as the Earth for the Sun would have already eaten up the Earth before dying.

This is a way of channelizing information for the stars. The most amusing fact here to ponder upon is no information is lost and the Cosmos is constantly moving towards ‘Information Complexity’.

In its evolution of over 4.5 billion years, the Earth already knows how to produce & sustain complex life forms. The new stars would already have this information & could yearn for even more complexity.

Another interesting fact here is that we as human species could totally change the complete information that the Earth would take along when it dies with the Sun. Even one person can change a lot of Earth’s information if he is a crazy mine digger or oil extractor. Earth’s information is primarily in terms of the core elements & gases which are present in its core & atmosphere.

Each star, no matter how far, sends us some information about the core elements & gases it is made up

The message in star light
The message in star light

of. Star light, when studied under a prism & dissected in to 7 colors, shows patterns of black vertical lines in each color of the spectrum. These black lines basically tell us the story of the stuff they are made up of. Earth would have a similar story when viewed from another planet or star, albeit a constantly changing story as we constantly dig its core, pollute its atmosphere with crazy amounts of CO2 & slowly deplete the Ozone layer.

This story of rebirth of stars has been long perceived by humans to be happening to them as well in an analogous way. And if you have followed the complete 3 article series of Star Trip, you would agree that the Cosmos is constantly moving towards novelty in terms of information complexity. This would mean you do not have to fear that it will all be lost once you die. Whatever information you have received within your lifetime is here to stay & the Earth has its own ways of channelizing our information once we are dead. And the information stays virtually as well if you transmit it in strong ways, just like whatever information Einstein brought to the world is all around us as virtual bubbles.

Constant ‘information complexity’ is just one of the theories to explain the Cosmos amidst an ocean of theories. You can choose for yourself which theory to live with or probably devise your own. Just that if you believe in the theory of ‘information complexity’, your life is suddenly worth much more than earning a few bucks, gathering some toys or fighting for self-worth! You are in a major way going to contribute to the information that would be sustained on Earth in the short run & would be transmitted to new generation stars in the long run!

We have the potential to define at least some aspects of the new stars that would be!

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