Top cleavage moments for Science in 2015!

The title is just an experiment! The word ‘Science’ appears to pull you all wonder-junkies to read this! Wonder-junkie – what a term coined by the great Carl Sagan! The word ‘cleavage’ appears in the title as a sad joke on you all who’re here thinking about Deepika!

‘cleavage’ – noun – alternate meaning – ‘the state of overreactbeing split or cleft: a fissure’.

A fissure is where you find a new opening to something that was closed earlier. Science this year had a lot of such moments where new openings or rather breakthroughs were achieved in the fields of technology, biology, neuroscience, space science, physics, nanotechnology, medicine, geology, botany, etc. We will talk about those moments in 2015 in which Science went so far ahead that it had to pause & gasp, ‘What the Fuck’ before processing what it just discovered!

Before we proceed to that, let us travel back in Science (errr time)!

What would it be like to see the human progress in the last 100 years through a time lapse video? You
could surely see the human imagination & ideas spilled over the world. Aren’t these crazy futuristic ideas that we conjure up in our heads the driving force of our current day evolution then?

Terence Mckenna says that the day language was introduced by us as a technology, we halted our biological evolution. Evolution since then has been a cultural epigenetic phenomena triggered by ideas and these ideas are in fact helping us transcend much faster than our biological evolution ever could. These ideas have also learnt to multiply & proliferate at an ever-increasing rate to infest our minds. The best ideas are appreciated and they survive to be manifested in to physical realities like the airplane, the space ships, the iPhones, the computers, the internet, the atomic bombs – that defined our evolution over the last century. Jason Silva talks more on the kingdom of ‘ideas’ in a podcast with Joe Rogan, check it out when you’re traveling next! 150 minutes of pure psychedelic blast of information for your mind.

Now what if we reduce the span of the time lapse to just see the proScience Magazinegress of our computers!  The cellphone in your pocket today is a million times cheaper, million times smaller & thousand times faster than a 60 million dollar supercomputer 50 years ago! That’s a billion-fold increase in terms of performance within what we call our own half-life. And this acceleration in technological advancement is just not stopping. Ray Kurzweil has claimed immortality by 2045! You think that’s too far-fetched? Well, think again! I have listed below just the biggest scientific breakthroughs of only the last 365 days and you would be mesmerized to know about the progress we did this year in terms of eliminating demons like cancer, HIV, diabetes, aging, etc. And you would be enthralled to know how we are going to use computers in the form of nanobots that would travel in our body parts and cure us! And you would be enchanted when you know that we can now 3D print artificial body organs & grow human organs in animals! You would be further bewitched when you know that we now grow man-made leaves & we also grow vegetation in space. And you would be completely hypnotized when you know that we can now retrieve all the information your brain accumulated throughout your life once you are dead!

Well, this is just a glimpse of what we aim to cover within this week of exploration. This year has seen many significant scientific breakthroughs which are not overtly brought to us by our covert media that runs of clandestine agenda of the lobbyists, politicians, actors and all we end up learning about is the bombings, the daily routines of actresses, the politicians who flipped and then the analysis of the year in terms of the best cleavages of 2015, the voluptuous vixens of Hollywood and what have you!

Anyway, for the few brave souls interested in alternate exploration, here we bring a list of 40
scientific discoveries of 2015 that mattered more than anything else; breakthroughs that will shape our larger realities in the coming years.

  1. Reusable rockets now a reality – credit to SpaceX
  2. Tesla Powerwall announced to supply batteries that would power households across the world using solar energy – changing the way the world consumes energy
  3. First clean energy flight of Solar Impulse traversed whole of Asia & registered a record for longest solo flight for any aircraft.
  4. The completion of epigenome would help us activate or silent specific genes!
    The completion of epigenome would help us activate or silent specific genes!

    Cambrian Genomics discovered technologies that would allow us to edit & temper DNA! We will now be able to activate & silent certain desired genes in our DNA!

  5. Teixobactin: First antibiotic discovered in 30 years
  6. New theory applying quantum correction to Einstein’s theory says there was no Big Bang
  7. Black Hole discovered in the middle of a Quasar that is 12 billion times as massive as our Sun
  8. NeuroScience breakthrough: We can now capture all the data from a person’s brain once he dies. For experimentation stage, scientists have tried this on rodents.
  9. 3D printed vertebra spine model
    3D printed vertebra spine model

    Successful implantation of 3D printed bones into humans

  10. New fiber – less than width of a hair has been created that would deliver optical signals & drugs to your brain using a computer
  11. Research on DNA Nanobots that will travel inside our bodies to kill cancer cells
  12. Bionic Lens: We will see three times better by 2017
  13. The interiors of Jupiter's largest moon as suggested by NASA
    The interiors of Jupiter’s largest moon as suggested by NASA

    Evidence of water on Jupiter & Saturn’s moons

  14. New blood test technology: Single drop of blood will reveal every virus you ever had
  15. Evidence of underground glaciers & frozen water on Mars
  16. Human organs could be grown in large animals using a new pluripotent stem cell
  17. New technology that would restore speech in patients who lost their vocal cords
  18. Researchers develop yeasts that can make THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana
  19. 3D-printed sternum & ribs implanted inside a cancer patient
  20. First bionic penis & First ever Successful Penis Transplant
  21. First veggies are grown in space by ISS Astronauts
  22. Kepler 452-b, Earth’s sibling found by NASA
  23. An artist's impression based on the fossils of a winged dragon found in China
    An artist’s impression based on the fossils of a winged dragon found in China

    125 million-year-old fossils of a winged dragon found in northeast China

  24. Artificial Pancreas developed for Diabetes patients
  25. New Google AI can learn your language and grow philosophically & morally with you
  26. Possible new vaccine that can eliminate all HIV strains
  27. Three cent lens that will convert your smartphone into a microscope
  28. In a series of experiments, NASA confirms space-time vortex around Earth that was proposed by Einstein
  29. Batteries that would charge your smart gadgets in seconds. This could be a break-through for space vehicles
  30. First laboratory grown human muscles that contract & respond the same way as normal human muscles & tissues do
  31. 1st man-made leaf
    1st man-made leaf

    First man-made leaf that photosynthesizes; huge implications for space travel which is limited by oxygen supplies

  32. Scientists slow the speed of light using a special mask that changes the shape of photons
  33. FDA approves Spritam, the first 3D Printed Pill
  34. Doctors use virtual reality in surgery for the first time which helps clear blocked coronary artery
  35. Genome of tardigrade published – confirmed as the only animal capable of surviving in the vacuum of space
  36. Successful experimentation in manipulating a rat's memory using light to turn specific neurons on.
    Successful experimentation in manipulating a rat’s memory using light to turn specific neurons on.

    Neuroscientists find ways to manipulate memories – turn good memory bad & vice versa

  37. Over a series of experiments, scientists increased the lifespan of fruit flies by 60 percent, using a method they claim could someday be used for anti-aging treatments for humans
  38. A new class of drugs ‘senolytics’ have been discovered that improved multiple aspects of aging in mice
  39. A titanium 3D printed prosthetic jaw is successfully implanted in a male patient in Australia
  40. Using stem cells, researchers for the first time replicated & developed a miniature of human brain equivalent to the maturity of five-week-old fetus. This model will serve for more accurate drug testing

We will try our best to touch upon all of these and explore in detail the most important ones out of these within this week as we simultaneously transcend in time to a new year!

We at THC Labs are also gearing up with larger realities for the year to come. Time is not far when the new generation of artists would be writing genomes as fluently as we write these articles! Happy tripping.

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