Into the Brain Part 7: The Thinking Cosmos

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As we slowly become aware that we are part of something that is much bigger than us; that we are but a part of a tessellation of a grand design, a kind of humility sweeps through us. Suddenly, our little troubles and pressures which used to frustrate us days on end seem so trivial and bleak. Or do they? They will once you are through with the last phase of our journey…


As we saw last time, Earth can be compared to a conscious entity whose neurons and neural connections are established through us and our interactions between the people around us. Essentially, what we learn from this is that we are not single, individual units functioning mindlessly towards no seemingly important end; we are a part of a collective consciousness which flows through each one of us. It just depends on us how fast and intensely we let this consciousness flow through us, as well as how and where we channelize this stream of consciousness. The channelizing of consciousness is through the “impulses” that we send to the people around us by communicating with them through talking, art or any other forms.

As we move from one level to the next, we begin to unravel the similarities in the patterns of assimilation as well as functionality that exists between us and neurons. But, what awaits us as we go to higher dimensions of understanding, where the aspect of consciousness is assigned to celestial bodies as a whole, just like that we assigned to Earth in the last article.

To understand the aspect of planetary or celestial consciousness, the best celestial entities to look at would be the stars. To attribute the aspect of consciousness to a particular entity, we first need to see if they fulfill some particular criteria, such as the inherent lifecycle that each living organism follows. Just like neurons, animals, plants and humans, stars have their own lifecycle where they are born in stellar nurseries, accumulate energy through their youth and eventually die through an intense explosion.

To understand the inherent lifecycle of a star, do check out this article that we wrote on the topic.


Moreover, stars form their own solar systems as well, which are quite similar to the families or communities that humans develop on Earth, These communities are inherently similar to the neural networks which are formed between neurons in the brain. This is where we see a pattern emerging, where everything is connected through impulses and sharing of information. The aspect of impulses can be clearly understood when the example of our sun is taken into consideration. The light from the sun is the impulse that the Earth receives due to which life on our planet is possible. This life on Earth is directly responsible for Earth discovering its own consciousness through us humans.

The myriad stars that exist in the Universe all have their own neural networks in place while their impulses are too far for them to reach our solar system anytime soon. Once the light from a distant star reaches our planet, we would be receiving immense bouts of completely new and undeciphered information, quite different from what our sun has been offering to us. The light from another star reaching our planet would signify the creation of a completely new neural connection in the vast brain that is the Universe.


The profound immensity of the cosmic brain that we live in can be gauged by comprehending an important aspect of the scale of cosmic time. If you compare the time taken by an impulse to travel from one neuron to another inside your brain and compare it to the time the light from a distant star will take to reach our planet, you will observe that our life in the cosmos is so infinitesimally small that we practically live and die within the time taken by cosmic impulse to travel from one celestial neuron to another inside the cosmic brain.

Once we have transcended to this level of understanding, we are one with the stream of consciousness that flows through the Universe, where we come to the realization that we are just mitochondria inside a single cosmic neuron in the vast brain that we find ourselves in. If all of us are in tune with the consciousness of the cosmos, rather than the illusory “conscious” self that we act out each day, we have opened ourselves to a whole new plane of understanding.


Does this make you feel fearful; does it force you into an existential crisis; or does it make you marvel at the pure wonder that we are all a part of. We are the universe itself, as we keep moving through levels of consciousness on an infinite stairway towards the stars and beyond.

We are all and we are nothing at the same time.

We are the way for the cosmos to become aware of itself and transcend beyond the petty limitations of culture, class, race, gender, creed and other restrictions imposed by society on us.

We are one collective brain opening up to the vast design in front of us; we are the bright impulses which keep transcending through levels of understanding.

Now, do you feel sorry for that paycheck you did not receive or that girl who dumped you?

Cheer up and transcend!

Further Tripping…

Watch this video to know how the Universe can be explained through the use of psychedelics; in other words, the answer is within you:



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