Into The Brain Part 5: The Mind-Projected Reality

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As we leave the biological realm of the neural forest and venture into the meta-physical realm of the mind, we are overwhelmed by the sense of familiarity that we encounter in this dimension. The transition from the labyrinth of memories to the external reality was an intense one, though we are taken over by a feeling of complacency as we enter the external world.

The world we know, including our daily routines and chores, is one which we underestimate completely. This is owing to the sheer fact that we cannot recognize how deeply the mind and our external reality is connected. As we ramble on through our daily lives, with no clue as to how deeply our realities are influenced by our internal thought processes, we fail to notice the immense possibilities that could arise once we realize this.

As I sit at the edge of the cliff and look at the vast expanse of the ocean, I am struck by an inherent thought that hits me with blinding intensity, such that I can literally feel the nerve impulse hitting various centers of my brain. What if we gained access to the vast ocean of knowledge inside us, including the fact that there is no apparent distinction between our internal mental states and the external reality that we live in.

To gain access to this knowledge, we first have to understand this deep connection between our minds and the world around us. As I walk away from the cliff towards the bustling city life, I affirm with clarity the context that I want to have towards the world around me. I think to myself, “How about I use my time here to experiment and comprehend how deeply my thought processes affect the world around me?”


As I moved into the bustling, jam-packed city; the first thing that caught my attention was the vehicle-congested roads that meandered across the city. These highways, with their little streets, branch out like the dendrites of a neuron as it winds across the landscape of the brain. The vehicles on these streets seem like the numerous impulses that speed across the neuron, with unbelievable bouts of information contained within them

As my brain slowly started to comprehend what I was seeing and perceiving in my external reality, my attention suddenly turned towards one street with automobiles backed up for miles as far as the eye could see. This reminded me of a neural connection in the brain which was not completed and reinforced, owing to the fact that it had not been strengthened by the movement of an impulse yet. The movement of an impulse could only be perceived once the traffic block dissipated and the automobiles could move on freely through the highway, without any kind of obstruction.

Tripped Out Fact: The neural connections in our brain are strengthened by the number of times that connection is reinforced. This reinforcement occurs only when several nerve impulses have passed through that connection. In other words, the more number of times you think a particular thought, the more reinforced that memory or thought becomes inside your brain.

As I thought about the similarity between traffic and thought processes inside the brain, I was struck with a peculiar but interesting question: what would happen if a particular thought process in our mind is not resolved and just keeps building up aimlessly? The first word that popped up in my head was “resistance”.

This means that once a neural connection is waiting to be established, and the inherent impulses are also looking to enter and reinforce it, internal resistance is the only hurdle that keeps us from strengthening and reinforcing that connection. This internal resistance can be in the form of fear, lack of self-confidence or a myriad of other shallow reasons.


As soon as this thought of resistance popped into my head, my eyes fell upon a hospital. This is where the aspect of resistance took on a whole new meaning. What if internal resistance to novelty, as in the formation of new neural connections and the exploration of new thought processes, is the crux of all physical ailments and diseases?

“The pain that you create now is always some form of nonacceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is. On the level of thought, the resistance is some form of judgment. On the emotional level, it is some form of negativity.”

-Eckhart Tolle

As I walk through the aisles in the hospital, I look at the people who lie on the beds wrought with some kind of physical disease, and am overcome by another thought process which races through my mind. The inner resistance to the formation of neural connections and novel thought processes can be manifested in the physical world as well, especially in the physical biology which we inhabit, that is the body.

As I walk on through, carrying this context of the physical body and the mind inside me, I come across a computer silently sitting on top of a table. Immediately, an analogy hits me with brutal revelatory force, one which links the mental and physical realms in an interesting fashion. If you place yourself in the “shoes” of a computer, this analogy points to the aspect that your body is the hardware while your mind is the inherent software without which the body would be useless. Now, consider the event where the files on your computer get corrupted, which in turn can cause large-scale crashes in the hardware as well. This only goes to show that your body is directly affected by the happenings in your mind, or in other words, your thought processes do affect the body as well.

On the other hand, the body is not completely a “slave” to the mind.

Tripped Out Fact: The body can be said to be a physical representation of your subconscious mind, with a memory of its own. This memory is the same one which makes you immune to chicken pox once you have been afflicted with the ailment. 

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So picture this; if you constantly choose to run from your emotions and repress them into your subconscious without dealing with them, the effects of these repressed emotions are bound to be seen on your body as well. This is where most ailments and diseases arise from, where an internal resistance to novelty due to circumstances and fears is involved.

As I walk out into the world again, I see that man has made everything in his image. Every aspect of your creation reflects a part of yourself, from the similarities between roads and neurons, humans and computers and so on. One does not need to look into the philosophical or mystical realm to understand that everything that we create is a projection of our mind, simply because it is tailored in accordance to our own understanding or ourselves through constant observation of our inner mental state.

Imagine the depth of understanding that one can achieve by observing and comprehending the immense realization that you are essential what you create.

So let’s delve deeper into who we are by understanding our external projection of ourselves.

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