Poetry on Ambition: The Fish That Walked on Land

The heavens opened , filling a drying pond.

The creatures in it. rejoice at their salvation.

The fish dance the merry and joyous dance,

All but one!

He says, “I’d rather die a painful and dry death than confine myself to this paradise,”

The elders scowl and tried to teach him discipline.

But this rebel will not be silenced.

Oh! How ambitious are you, slave of Poseidon ?

A beautiful day at Pond puny .

The mackerels hoot as the goldfish pass by,

The attention shifts as the crowd flutters their gills in curiosity.

He is on land! What is he doing?


The rebel fish seems to be crawling on that blazing dry terrain.

He screams out to the people of Pond puny,

“Goodbye my friends, its time to leave.

I shall start my journey to the ocean.

Where I will swim to infinity.

And only death shall stop my ambitious conquest.”


“Am I hallucinating?” says Mr. Fox as sees the walking fish.

“Lunch has never seemed so easy, but let me first talk to my dish.”

The obvious was asked by the fox to the wounded fish.

He followed saying. “Any last wish.”

“I have left my pond to swim to the ocean,

For in me there is a desire to be someone big!”

There stood a fox whose heart he had won.

“Go away walking fish, towards the ocean you must run.”


News spread through the land

Of the fish who could swim on sand.

Sure, some of his scales had burnt.

But this is a tale where the meaning  of  passion was  learnt.

17 days and 17 nights

The little rebel survived the elements of the land.

The fox, the leopards and the kites.

He had now flipped the book of law and his fish family rights.


He plunges into the ocean.


Oh the sweet water tingles his scales.

He is finally here among the whales.

Paddle, Paddle ; Gulp, Gulp! What’s wrong ?

The rebel fish forgot how to swim, he is drowning!

He’s drowning, he’s dead, he just drowned…

He will forever be remembered as the fish that drowned rather than the fish that walked on land!


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