Chained Angel

I woke up to the light of the sun dancing on my face. Only when I woke up I realized I was lost. I looked around for signs to guess my whereabouts but I could vaguely see things that seemed a lot like the ones I own. I was surrounded by these things.

It was more like having Deja Vu in the unnatural ways; I tried to explore the place, searching for familiarity. I guess you cannot explore unless you are lost.


I started wandering and kept doing so in the pathless woods until I found, a long hollow bark of tree which has been giving shelter to me,

Sitting in stark silence only to listen to myself, asking myself how I landed here, I suddenly heard a voice far away from the woods. I made my move towards the voice. It gets really confusing to listen to a sound that has no direction; the echo just distracts me from making my way towards the voice. When I reach the source of the sound I find an angel with her wings in chains. Her white outfit covered with stains of wet mud. She could fly a little just to the height of getting her feet off the ground. I believe that is what imprisonment or torture is, you don’t let the creature forget its ability to fly, yet you don’t let it use it to its will and potential.


It’s a sin to chain the being of sky and heavens to the dirt where it doesn’t belong.

I walk close to her but I am afraid, the sense of fear which makes me think, what if, when I try to set free, I get her entangled more?

The day very slowly proceeds to dusk while I watch the angel struggling, falling-rising up again and flying. I return to my bark in the dark. I wasn’t afraid of the dark, even though my mind was occupied with thoughts as to why someone would chain such a delicate beautiful angel? I look back and I could see her glowing light, crawling into the dark. I close my eyes and pray, I pray with all the faith that’s left in me, I plead till my eyes run out of tears.

I wake up to the sun again and as soon as I come to my senses I forget about being lost or found I just rush to the place of her imprisonment to see if my prayers are answered. When I reach, I could only find chains, just chains and nothing else. I am flooded with joy and in the very next moment, the realization hit me. I became tensed. Now, that she’s gone, I am not aware if she is free or the location of imprisonment has changed.



My lazy Sunday which I had earned after working hard for a week wasn’t fruitful as I hoped it to be, I woke up earlier than I had planned to. The context for lost and found comes from where my roomie lost his pen drive so he scattered everything in the room, which made me feel more restless as I am a very organized person. So, I went inside my bathroom (I guess bathroom is the best place to find those little moments of enlightenment).

I freshened up and made my way towards a fun-filled weekend meetup. The traffic crept into my nerves, and Google Maps took me on the longer route to my destination.

I met my friends and after a casual conversation, I asked my chained angel i.e., my friend, why is she so dull today? She explained to me how her parents wanted her to get married to someone she doesn’t like, and all the family drama, and the emotional blackmail, her stark description gave me shivers. I wanted to help her but all I could do was listen to her.


I don’t know what seems to be more interesting; the fictional description or the brutal reality. But I guess we all are chained angels. Some of us are chained by rituals and traditions, some chained by corporate regulations and some just chained by their own mind and emotions.


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  1. Breathtakingly beautiful, infinite in finite bounds!!

  2. Amazing how you transformed your lazy Sunday into a sublime read. Keep writing!

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