The time I sell, The money I get!

A new sight, a new experience, and a new adventure,Time

Sets my sail free and pushes my life to a new venture.

The change I seek in me and in the world around,

Is not to be found anywhere but in the foreign ground.


A foreign ground is not a different country or a different state,

But my perception that differs from each past date.

I laugh on the me who always wanted to be comfortable,

Didn’t realize I won’t always stay so young and able.


Comfort is what makes my perception ungrowingly stable,

I realized growth can’t be achieved by being on one table.

That table which grows my career of capitalization,

Also binds my mind in conditioned rationalization.


How dear is the money I get for the time that I sell,

I wonder if human goal is to survive or is it to excel.

Vast cities and institutions nurture greed and my pride,

Hide me from myself, taking me on an illusionary ride.


How principally incongruent is our society with nature,

While latter accelerates novelty, society depends on oligarchic stature.

Imagination of nature is far, far greater than that of man,

Is it cosmic evolution, where success depends only on how fast one ran?

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