Sadness is a blessing!

No, it won’t be easy.
It will be a tumultuous battle between your head and your heart.
Your shoulders will be burdened by the loss of lost loves
Eyes yearning for one last glimpse of your past.
Your strength will give up and the blood running inside your veins will fail to reach all the parts of your body.
You’ll feel anorexic, probably¬†gluttonous.
You will feel like a wreck and you better feel so..
Your world will turn upside down…IMG_20150629_013319
No, I’m not saying it will be easy to live after a mishap …
It will disrupt your sleep and move you in strange ways…
You will try to find happiness outside and begrudge a little. Maybe despise everything  around you.
It will hurt like a blunt knife over that already scarred skin.
No, I’m not saying it will be easy
but you will never be the same man after this storm
It will be yet another chapter in the book of victory .
And you sir… will emerge out of it like a phoenix rises out of ashes.
You will be free.
One day it will all make sense and you will thank her for destroying you so you could rebuild that castle with all that love within you.
You will be a different man.
You will be alive!

About Nimeeta Gakhar

Chew my words well For they're Heavy They're broken pieces Of my Heart Someday Those forces within you Will force you within me The delirium of the doomed Fills the narrow shelves Even at stranger time. I sing to forgive and write to forget! Happy trippin'

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