The Understated Brilliance of Hugo Weaving

You might not know him by name, but you definitely know this fine actor. Here’s a clue:

More nerdy enthusiasts might immediately recall his portrayal of ‘Lord Elrond’ as well, in the ‘The Lord of the ‘Rings’ franchise:

Or you might even have spotted him as the ‘Red Skull’ in the first ‘Captain America’ movie:


But there are some lesser known performances which, in my opinion, are equally profound in terms of their impact on pop culture. Also, what is unique about these roles is that he has not acted them (whoa whoa whoa…what?!). Well, he has not used his face at least. Instead, he has just blown us away with his magnificent voice.

That is an unfair amount of talent for one person.

I guess that this is more than enough build-up, so let me get on with it!

Performance 1: All Hail Megatron!

Surprise surprise!

If you have to be the voice of evil, of the harbinger of destruction whose mere presence is a sign of imminent disaster, you call upon the guy who kinda did that when he played Agent Smith. Irrespective of whether you appreciated the Michael Bay ‘Transformers’ franchise or not, the personality of the character was brought out immaculately. I will let his voice do the talking:

Let’s just have more of Megatron:

Thank you Mr. H. W.!

Performance 2: Remember remember the 5th of November…

We should just let him introduce himself

Firstly a V for vendetta featuring his very long introductory quote ...

The ability to carry such an immense plot  and define the personality of one of the most eccentric and fascinating characters through one’s voice is something special to say the least.

It would be impossible to make such wordy conversations engaging unless of course you can do this:

I don’t really have much more to say, except that I would recommend going on a Hugo Weaving trip. Watch ‘V for Vendetta’…hear his voice…after all… it is the sound of inevitability!

Tripped Out Fact: He has been a patient of epilepsy since he was 13! Due to prospects of seizures, he never drives a car. He has never married and lives with his partner Katrina Greenwood, as per this article.


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  1. Its very sad that in hollywood such a great actor is not been appreciated for their hard throbbing acting. Such a immense hats of to hugo sir.

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