My Karnivool Trip- “We Are”

Please start reading this with the song, aligning the words with the notes and rhythm of the song as it progresses. The basic gist of this article is the visualizations that were induced in my head due to this song and the various revelations that came to me as Karnivool guided me towards some obscure truth. Here, the pen is ¬†used as a medium to let the thoughts flow, in accordance to the rhythm and the overall contours of the song. Give it up for “We Are”;


It starts as a steady, almost throbbing sensation as I am transported to the middle of a road in a fairly busy commercial plaza, with bustling grey machines all around me; walking aimlessly and being driven by the invisible strings to which they are slaves to. I look up and see the masters driving these flesh-puppets, through the onslaught of media, religion and politics. As I move along the countless lines of machines shuffling about, I come across a few figures who give me an acknowledging look ad tell me that we are all in this together. Their outer shells break loose as an intense light escapes from the cracks and crevices in the shell of conditioned servitude. The light passes through me and breaks open my dead-cold shell, which I used to hold on dearly to as my own, each piece causing immense pain but dissolving into pure bliss. I move to a higher perspective, where the glow is escaping through several points on the Earth, each person a piece of the puzzle. I gawk in awe and transcend towards acceptance, where I juts stand and witness this colossal vision unfold.

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Karnivool- Sound Awake

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