Agora (or Sundays @THC): A Platform for Communion and Creation

All in all, we are one big family that eats together, explores together and evolves together”


Imagine a place which is like ‘you-can-do-it-all’, a place which you can savor over time. The Holy Cup Café serves food that can guarantee you foodgasms and help you find yourself among the reverberating melodies that float through its humble interiors. It is not just a café to eat and hangout, it is a place dedicated to help people gather together with the singular purpose of creating something intricately meaningful out of their communion.

Review: At The Holy Cup, you can get sumptuous meals (I say their pancakes are delicious), live and soulful music which you can be a part of, scintillating ideas to share with, free broad smiles and not the creepy ones, and free Wi-Fi. Even live music sessions, agora panel discussions, and ceremonial Sunday brunches are conducted there. Here, you will find light-minded people to share some music, crazy ideas, discussion/debates, and something great to create and work on. 79b1d350b4d04a225a73702fc49c4330

Addition to this, Agora has been conceptualized by Writopedia (, THC Labs ( and The Holy Cup. With the vision of these three organizations, they are trying to contribute to the growth of creative communities in the city of Ahmedabad by creating a hub for connections and directing energies towards constructive processes. The discussion and debates held in person with the right people, in the presence of niche audiences, is presented to the country through online media. This can prove to be just the right combination of bringing the deserved acknowledgement and acceptance to the art produced by creative communities who are stving for a more exciting future, rather than one which is to be spent running after materialistic gains.12049455_204301236567742_4301265897934507295_n

So join us and help us reach out to more people who would like to be a part of this ever-growing community of passionate creators. We are only a platform for individuals with their own visions, who want to build up their dreams and make them into their realities. We only provide the fuel for your engines of ambition, we provide the soil for you to sow the seeds of your passion, we provide the space for you to envision something beyond the bounds of the “acceptable” and the “do-able”, we only give you the Cup for you to fill with your own dreams and ideas.

So fill it up, drink it with abandon and relish the realities that this community seeks to create together.

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