Sanjay Rajarao

Musical Intelligence: Blending Technicality with the Unknown

Characterized by perception, consciousness, self-awareness, and volition, human intelligence can be defined as an intellectual capacity of a human being to learn, understand, conceive, and implement. Based on thoughts and experiences, humans develop their intelligence and use the same as a key element in decision-making, problem-solving and in many other …

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Big Fish: Turning Life into a Fiction

On one of our last car trips, near the end of my father’s life as a man, we stopped by a river, and we took a walk to its banks, where we sat in the shade of an old oak tree. After a couple of minutes my father took off …

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Commercial Film Makers VS Art Film Makers

An Art Film Maker Films are a sketch of life for us, Where showing your reality is our focus. We view things as they are, UK, USA, Australia and Europe call our films, “auteur” The plot of the story is the base, Breaking away from the mainstream, always. The content is highly …

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