How I Met Your Forefather: A History of Voyages-I

Not so long ago there was no ‘Google Maps’. Well, till a point in time there were no maps either. Maps, you see, need to show places. These places were always there, but needed to be discovered(much like Hollywood talent). Here is a list that summarizes some of the earliest explorations carried …

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Music in Ritualistic Ceremonies (Part-1)

Music has been associated with numerous things, such as the supernatural, community cohesion, social gatherings, ceremonies and rituals. The vast utility that music finds in various cultures and civilizations can be attributed to the inherent respect and mystery that we associate with it. Music is especially associated with consciousness as …

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One Among You, Almost!

If we look deeper – we all stand out in our own way!! So we took a walk & approached some strangers to dig the oh-so-ordinary within them that could inspire us in subtle ways. And here is the result of the walk. 1.     Diving into Faith This was his customary …

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