NextGen Entrepreneurs: Small Steps, Giant Leaps

The pursuit of NextGen Entrepreneurs: A culmination

The Agora (or Sundays @THC) 2.0 session, held on 1st November 2015 at The Holy Cafe, Ahmedabad, brought together NextGen Entrepreneurs, Abhishek Doshi (, Bansari Kamdar (, Ritam Bhatnagar (, and Sneh Bhavsar (, on one platform to delve into their entrepreneurial journeys and reflect on the vision of entrepreneurship …

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Does Ahmedabad, the soil of business, lack what it takes to be the entrepreneurial hub of India?

Every place has a unique entrepreneurial flavor and Ahmedabad is no different. Ahmedabad is the epicenter of Gujarat, the western state of India. Gujarat is often referred to as the soil for business and all Gujaratis’ are generally considered to inherently know the language of business. Indeed, Ahmedabad and Gujarat …

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